Everything starts with a conversation, to ensure we properly understand your needs we offer a no cost, no obligation consultation.

Our team will collaborate with you to identify where and how we can add value to your business. The consultation process will then ensure that you understand the landscape and know the tools and processes required to build the right platform for you.
This is normally a short activity resulting in a Customer Requirement Review (CRR) report, a short form document with a plan for development and an outline of the projected development costs, shared tasks and resources.

Items covered:

  • The perceived value economic or other of providing the service
  • How will the project affect your organisation?
  • Personnel and resources provided by you during Development
  • How deployment will be achieved by your end users
  • Level of Ongoing support
  • Cost/ investment requirement
  • Quote for development

In essence all packages are bespoke to your needs and the funding of these and how they are rolled out are the subject of final discussions with you.