In this fascinating article, the two leading voice assistants are tested head to head. 

>> Both assistants can recognise more than one voice. Called Voice Match (Google Assistant) and Voice Profiles (Alexa), both voice assistants can recognise up to six different people without a hitch so that you can access more personal services. 

>> Alexa supports more smart devices than Google Assistant

>> Alexa links to Audible and IFTTT (If This Then That), which expands the scope of the automation you can create. 

>> Alexa vs Google Assistant: Music and video are evenly matched though Google Assistant support YouTube more easily

>> Both Alexa and Google Assistant can create multi-room audio systems

>> In the US, Alexa can also make Zoom video calls on the Amazon Echo Show 8 and Amazon Echo Show 10 smart displays.  So we can look forward to that.

>> Alexa vs Google Assistant: Directions Currently, Google Assistant is better integrated into public transport.

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